How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11

explosion breaks ST

NT view of 2 explosion types

ST view from the N

white dust rolls from NT fall

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The new 2nd edition of my image-rich book How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11 has now been published online by, both as a paperback for ordering, & as an (Ebook) for download. I am a physicist with over 30 years research experience since receiving my Ph.D. (in Applied Physics from Caltech, 1978), as well as a writer and public speaker.

With 9 chapters & 49 images (45 color photos & 4 tables, all accessible now) this new book edition presents the full demolition of the WTC. It shows the NIST Commitee conclusions are wrong, & that the Towers underwent 2 types of explosions: nano-thermite ones, demolshing the upper 1/3 of each Tower & conventional ones, taking down the lower 2/3 of each Tower. It presents the facts behind the crimes causing the massive death, injury and destruction, as well as 2 wars it engendered costing much more death, injury & destruction. An Abstract, Table of Contents, & Index have been added (not in 1st edition).

Crockett Grabbe